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We add an extract of eyebright to the dry herb, which increases potency three-fold, for therapeutic action and quick symptom reversal. Should be used as an eyewash for chronic eye dryness, runny mucousy eyes, and allergy symptoms. Acts as a "supportive" supplement (to boost the action of primary recommendations when needed). Benefits the lungs, with antihistamine-type support, during upper respiratory irritation due to pollen.

Ingredients: This product contains a proprietary blend of Eyebright, Goldenseal, Bayberry, Red Raspberry, Bilberry, and Cayenne.

Available Sizes: Standard Size(s): 100 Capsules (white plastic bottle w/ screw-on lid)

Usage Directions: Cats & Small Animals: Up to 1/2 capsule per day; Medium to Large Dogs: 1 to 2 capsules per day; Horses: 4 to 12 capsules per day. Give orally or open capsule(s) and mix into food. Best to divide daily dose into two feedings for optimum results.

Disclaimer: Results may vary according to animal's diet and lifestyle. These products are not to be used in lieu of, but as a support to, proper veterinary care.