Fund Raising

 RPS Has a Funding Program to help support the Animal Rescue, FFA Groups, Vets, and 501C Groups that would like to use our services.

When a sale has been initiated through Any organization, a percentage from 5 to 10 Percent of the total sale is given to the sponsoring group. 10 percent is paid on all regular sales, 5 percent is paid on Sale items excluding sales tax and shipping costs.  

Any retail Customer can indicate that they would like to give credit to any 501C Non-Profit Group on their order. 

By Clicking on the Shopping Cart, you will see an area for comments.  Fill in the information of the organization that you want to support, and we will take care of the rest. 

Please Give us as much Information on the organization as possible.

We also offer a Loyalty Program, where you can increase your Savings on our Products. 

Notification of all sales will be sent to a designated person's email or Dropbox. 

An employee or Volunteers are able to purchase all products for 10% over our cost, by placing the order directly with RPS either through email, or phone.

RPS cannot contribute to the Organizational fund through the Volunteers Sales Program.

We accept credit cards and checks. 

Any Fund Raising Events that your Organization has, we would gladly attend and explain how our program helps your group. 

RPS will only send updates and promotional material to owners who have requested it. We do not share our information with other entities.  

RPS has Monthly Sales, Flash Sales, Free Shipping, and reduced shipping on small orders.  

To participate, we will need the Following information: 

Organizations Name, Contact Name, Complete Address, Phone Number, Email, Website, and FB  Page Name.   

When we receive the information, it will be Posted on the Directory Page.  

One Last Thing; This only works with your participation. We are glad to promote a Group, but only your enthusiasm and sharing the program will make it work.  

Thank- You for considering our Program.