This endeavor started off as a simple site to sell some Pet Products and along the way, we thought why not help the many Rescue Groups out there.  

In 50 years, we have had many Critters at our Home. With Three + Children about everything that you can imagine has come thru our Front Door. If it didn't fit, we still kept them. 

So, it seemed like a Natural Fit:  Love of Animals and wanting to help the Folks who are dedicated to helping find For Ever Homes for Pets in need.  

Most Folks don't know that a lot of times, these Groups have to spend a great deal of time and money rehabbing the Pets to bring them back to Good Health and Socialising them to make a Great Pet to be adopted, to give many years of Happiness to their New Pet Parent.    

This Website is all new for us. It's been a Challenge. We have done all the work, as you probably can tell,  as we are not professional website Builders.  

We source most of our products from wholesale warehouses. Each warehouse has their own rules regarding shipping, and return policies. 

Regarding the +. Our Neighbors also knew where to bring a Pet in Need.  

Thank-You for Considering Us for Your Pet Needs.


Hope we can be of Service.


Bill & Nancy Schultz